Tonight's Feature Video deals with the sadder side of Rock 'n Roll in "Crazy Train."
Randy Rhoads is the featured guitarist in this song. Randy was a trained classical guitarist who was considering leaving Ozzy's band to earn a degree at UCLA.

On the night of March 18th, 1982, the band made a stop on their way from Knoxville to Orlando at Jerry Calhoun's. Next to Calhoun's property was a small airfield and Rhoads, who hated flying, went up with pilot Andrew Aycock to get a photo. The plane made 2 successful passes over the band's bus where Ozzy and the crew were sleeping. On the third pass, the plane clipped the bus and crashed killing Rhoads, Aycock, and hairdresser and seamstress Rachel Youngblood. While Rhoads was killed way too early, his music lives on in this video.

Enjoy Randy and Ozzy rocking out to "Crazy Train" in concert.

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