This morning on the Loon Morning Show from Walker, MN, Laura was going off on how she had no time for the music of Ace Frehley.

He was playing up here at Moondance last night and Laura got all stirred up about his performance.

i have to admit, I'm not an Ace Frehley fan. I've had people say,"But he used to be in Kiss!'  We play Kiss on the Loon but I never considered them a serious rock band. I kind of put them in the same class as The Monkees and The Archies.  I think more Kiss lunch buckets have been sold than Kiss records.

Paul Kane, Getty Images
Paul Kane, Getty Images

Each to their own, I guess. I tend to lean old school for bands like Zeppelin, Stones. Santana, Moody Blues and later Stevie Ray Vaughan ,Cult, etc.

I believe you are what seeped into your unconsciousness while those youthful memories were made.

So, if you are shopping for a gift for Laura, I bet you anything she doesn't have any Ace Frehley in her music collection.

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