Today was another Lame Joke Friday that happened to live up to it's name.  JU came into the studio with his "jokes". Usually we get a little bit of a preview.  But this time no go.  Mostly because he has been working at home due to ya know... the at home... quarantine... blah blah blah.


So, we got to hear these jokes first hand, just like you. He usually runs at least one of them buy us before he reads them to you, but not today!  And he has 3 of those doozies.  Even though they are rather short and sweet, they were actually kind of nasty.  What do I mean by nasty?  Well, give it a listen and see what you think:

See?  Maybe a better word would be tasteless. Another way to describe it.. fourth grade humor?

Whatever, at least they were mildly funny this time.  We're still waiting for one to just jump out and let us know that this will be Johnny U's new career path.  But that doesn't seem likely with material like this.

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So, until next week...


Dryer Sheet Hacks


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