Tomorrow is Saturday, it is also Leap Day.

Leap Day February 29

But this year, it means that workers will have to work one extra day.  If you are an hourly employee it really doesn't mean anything. But if you are a salaried worker, you will basically be working one extra day totally unpaid.

Even though Leap Day falls on a Saturday, a weekend day, it still throws off the entire calendar and will result in an extra workday this year.  In non-Leap Years, six out of seven days of the week happen 52 times, and one happens 53 times.  Last year, there were 53 Tuesdays.  That's normal.  But this year, there are going to be 53 Wednesdays and 53 Thursdays.  That means one extra day to work.  Should we, as employees get compensated for that?  Of course a survey says that yes, we should.  At least 59% of people think we should. I actually thought it would be more than that.

There is a compromise, however.  How about one extra day of vacation?  I would go for that idea.

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