Not that we have any power to do so, but it sure would be nice to make it through the next month and a half without any bone chilling cold weather.

Heavy Snowfall Hits Northeastern Germany
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Last week, this week and next week are typically the coldest temps of the year and so far, we have been pretty much above average temps most of this month, so far.

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I could totally do without getting into a car when it's so cold that your back instantly stiffens up. Not to even mention that when you turn the key, your engine almost seems to be cursing at you.

Mid 20's to mid to upper 30's is okay in my book.  It's still cold enough for winter lovers to get in their snowmobiling, skiing, skating and all that stuff.

I believe last year at this time the temps were down around 0 for highs and well below zero overnight. It's also nice to hear the furnace kick off once in awhile.

We are almost to the middle of the month, so if we can make it through January and 4 short weeks of February without any major winter situations, we are in pretty good shape. March can tend to be unpredictable and is know for given us those sudden thuds of snow, but that snow doesn't tend to stick around very long.

So, keep you fingers and eyes crossed for a continued mild winter.

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