Black Friday, usually the day when a lot of us go out and try to get the best deals we can for the holidays... or maybe even for ourselves.  I mean, why not take advantage of those deals when you can?   Whether it's for someone else or yourself.  A deal is a deal!

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But this year, obviously things are going to look a bit different.  For years, we have heard people complaining  that stores will be open either all day on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) or later that same day. This year is the first year that a lot of those stores will be closed.  That includes Target, WalMart, Best Buy, Kohl's and The Mall of America, and probably more.  But that doesn't mean that the deals won't be there.

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This year, more than ever, there will be a lot of online deals.   And the expectation is that there will be much more cyber shopping than in other years.  Traditionally, there is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. But this year, it looks almost like it's going to be a "Cyber Weekend".

People will still be able to go out and shop during the weekend.  But those long lines that you would normally see on Black Friday will most likely not exist in most areas.  Stores may have limited capacities and will have staggered check outs with social distancing.  It might just be a lot more convenient to shop online this year and still take advantage of the great Black Friday deals. Plus, many times there are things that are only available online. So, that may just be an extra bonus.

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