As heard on the February 3rd show:


1.  Container Labeled "Not Weed" Not Telling Truth

How dumb do you have to be?  This dumb.   A guy was pulled over by cops for drunk driving and when they searched his car they found a Land O' Lakes sour cream container under the seat with a label that read "Not Weed".  Well, cops didn't fall for it, opened the container and found 11 grams of marijuana.  DUH.





2. Food Themed Hotels

A new trend is popping up across the globe - food themed hotels.  One in Germany called Food Hotel is themed like a supermarket, complete with biscuit cushions and Coca Cola shower stalls.  In Australia you'll find the Adelphi, which is themed like a dessert boutique with chocolate themed rooms and minibars stocked with candy.





3. Are You OCD or Just Quirky?

Almost everyone has habits that they consider obsessive, but are they really?  What separates a quirk from a real mental condition?  See if your obsessive actions are just common quirks like double checking the locks before you leave the house or not being able to leave your unread emails checked "unread".





4. National Pancake Day

It's National Pancake Day!  While it sounds like just another pointless holiday on the calendar, there's actually a great fundraiser going on today at IHOP.  Stop in and ask for a free short stack of pancakes and they'll ask you to make a donation that will benefit the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.





5. Doctor's Warn Not to Delay Vaccines

University of Colorado researchers surveyed 534 doctors across the country and found that 93% have received requests to delay vaccines for kids.  Three quarters of the doctors agreed to the delay even though is was potentially harmful.  CDC vaccine schedules are based on research that give the most effective time they will be effective at preventing disease, thus the importance of staying with the schedule.






 6. Humans Are Getting Smarter

Read the news out of Florida everyday would make you think quite the opposite, but it's true.  The human race is on the up and up when it comes to brain power.  In fact, since 1950, the average IQ score has risen by 20 points.





7. Criminal Knocks Self Out With Brick

Another case of karma coming to bite some idiot right in the ass... or face in this case.







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