I love it when police departments have a sense of humor about some things. The Eagan Police Department took to social media recently to try and locate the owner of some valuable property that was found by a citizen and turned into the Eagan police.

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Ordinarily, if you happened to lose something and the police were holding it for you, the first thing you would probably do is race down to the police department and claim your recovered valuables.

That is unless the valuables you lost were 4 large bags of marijuana and a whole lot of cash.

According to WCCO someone left a bag in an elevator in Eagan. Someone picked it up and turned it into the Eagan Police Department and they, with tongue in cheek, took to social media to try and find the rightful owner.

This is what the Eagan Police Department posted;


"Did you lose something important tonight? Some forgetful person set this bag of valuables down and forgot to pick it up! We’d love to talk to you about it. Give us a call at 651-675-5700 to discuss your options!"

Chances are whoever lost these valuables may have a clearer head now and will know enough to let things be as the are. On the other hand, if they were challenged enough to leave all this stuff in an elevator, who knows? They just may mosey into the Eagan Police Department and attempt to claim their "bag o' fun".

I'm pretty sure this bounty will remain the property of the Eagan Police Department. Hint, hint, I'd love an invitation the the Eagan Police Department Christmas party this year.

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