Wednesday was Halloween.  Johnny U came in with a bunch of jokes... it was like rapid fire jokes.  None of them good, either.  But that was just a bonus day.  This morning he came in with his normal bad jokes for his Friday lame joke day.

This time he had two jokes- his normal for Friday.  Now we've actually told him that he shouldn't quit his day job... good thing  he's pretty successful at that part... his normal day job.  But here it is... today's rotten jokes. Should say 11-2-18... oops!

Today... we have shingles and we have LSD or dragons.  WHAT??  Yes, those were the topics for today's jokes from Johnny U.  Sounds a bit risque huh?  Well, it's not quite what you think. So if you skipped over the video above, go back and watch it now.

Next week he will be back again and will probably have 2 more jokes that aren't funny.  We will admit, that sometimes his jokes seeeeem funny, but that is usually just because of his reactions.  It makes it more funny.

Until next week...


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