Ludicrous Theory Of Consciousness



For thousands of years people have been trying to figure out exactly what consciousness is and how it works. Is it simply a matter of neurobiological brain functions, or is it something metaphysical? Here’s my theory.


(For the sake of clarity, I’ll be tying theories proposed in physics, theosophy, and shamanism together to form a rather wacky conclusion.)


Alright. Let’s get weird.


First, let’s start off with something called “Unified Field Theory.” This is a theory that was mathematically solved by physicists and mathematicians in the late 1990’s. The basic conclusion was that the basic 4 dimensions that we humans perceive (length, width, depth, and time) aren’t the only dimensions that compose physical reality. According to modern physics, there are anywhere between 10 and 12 dimensions. Why? Simply put, the laws of physics operate more elegantly on paper when they have more dimensions to operate in. But why is it that we can’t view these extra dimensions when we observe the outside world?


This is where theosophy and shamanism come into play.
According to these traditions, we don’t see these planes of existence in the outside world, because they don’t exist there. They exist in inner-space. In other words, these dimensions of physics that we’re just now mathematically theorizing are different aspects of consciousness. Shamans, yogis, and mystics have been saying this for years. Sure, we hyper-skeptical westerners laugh it off when we hear about ancient methods of exploring these realms, but if you want proof, there are ways you can access these worlds yourself (astral projection, particular meditations, natural medicines, etc.)


The theosophical and shamanistic view of physics is structured as follows:
- The Physical Plane (4 dimensions)
1. Length
2. Width
3. Depth
4. Time
-The Astral Plane
-The Mental Plane
-The Buddhic Plane
-The Spiritual Plane
-The Divine Plane
-The Logoic Plane


These extra planes of existence are the missing dimensions of reality that we can’t observe in physical world. According to mystical traditions, as you progress up the planes of consciousness, the lines of distinction between separateness blur. This ties in quite nicely with some ideas expressed by Albert Einstein. He expressed in mathematical terms that there’s no such thing as individual particles, meaning - reality is nothing more than energy/field strength. The chair that I’m sitting in is simply condensed space – which just so happens to be the SAME space that you are reading this article. So, how exactly does this tie into a theory of consciousness?


Panpsychism has a pretty simple explanation. Matter and energy is consciousness. The self-consciousness (you) is an optical illusion produced by neurological self referential computer loops (your brain.) Put in layman terms, all that you see (including yourself) are the thoughts of the universe, and because there is no such thing as individual particles and separation is an illusion, the real you is actually the entire universe. Pretty strange, huh?


The conclusion? I’ll leave with some fitting words by psychologist Kirby Surprise (yes, that’s his real name.) “What you’re experiencing, ultimately, undeniably, is yourself.”

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