I used to fly a lot, and I've been in a lot of airports around the country.  I've always noticed that the airport here in the twin cities is one of the nicest.  They have so many options as far as shops and food and drinks to choose from.  Some airports are so run down, inconvenient and just sort of dirty feeling.  MSP is nice.


Now, for the 4th year in a row, MSP has been recognized as the best airport for it's size in North America.  I can totally see why.

The rankings are based on customer surveys carried out at airports in 91 countries, with 34 "key performance indicators" used to measure customer satisfaction.

I have noticed that most of the time when we are flying out of MSP there is generally some construction project going on.  The latest was in Terminal 1.

"At the end of the day, MSP stands out because of the 21,000 people who work there, take pride in their airport and provide the high quality experience travelers want."

The award comes amid a wider investment into Terminal 1 in particular, with the MAC broadening the food and drink options for travelers jetting off from Minnesota.

I like having a nice airport as our main home-state airport.  Seriously... travel a bit more... you'll notice that other airports aren't nearly as nice as ours is here in Minnesota.

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