It's hard to go to any store that sells food or candy or baked goods and not see a swarm of chocolate bunnies, even the NASTY peeps, jelly beans, and other types of Easter sweet stuff.  Most families will probably celebrate Easter in some sort of fashion.  Whether it's brunch, going to Grandma's, and time to break out the pastels!

Pink lemonade vodka or regular lemonade vodka? (Getty Images)

There was a survey done to find out the best cities to celebrate Easter.  Minneapolis came in at number 19.  Why?  What's good or not so good about celebrating here in Minnesota at one of the Twin Cities?  There were several factors that played a part, such as Easter observers, Easter Traditions, Easter things for kids, and of course, the weather. We didn't rank so well on that one.  That probably played a BIG part of the reason Minnesota didn't rank higher on this list.  Depending on when it falls, it can be a total crap shoot as to what the weather will be.


This year, Minnesota is lucking out BIG TIME.  Looks like it's going a great Easter weekend in St. Cloud!

Sarah Mueller, WJON

Happy Bunny Trails... (they always kind of freaked me out).