Remember about 10 years ago a Minnesota couple performed an epic wedding dance down the aisle that went viral?  Well, it's been recreated...again.

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Here's what happened...and John Krasinski got involved.  It's really super cool, especially considering what we are all going through right now.

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A couple in Maryland recreated the proposal scene from The Office between Pam and Jim.  John Krasinski saw it, and decided that since they "ripped off" that scene, that he would "rip off" another scene from The Office.  He got the whole cast together, via Zoom, and recreated the wedding dance that was inspired by a Minnesota couple and parodied on an episode of The Office.  Got it?  Maybe it's easier if you see it here...

The original dance that was done on that episode was from the viral video that a Minnesota couple did about 10 years ago.

Why wasn't this stuff done when I got married?  I feel like we really missed out on some cool stuff that people are doing now.  I got married in 2001, and it seems like it was just a few years later that people started getting really creative with their engagement photos, wedding photos, mother/son, father/daughter dances and even the actual ceremony and receptions!  I thought we did some innovative things at our wedding...not compared to what people are doing now.  Now, I think ours seemed so traditional compared to the cool things that occur now.

But anyway, this was pretty cool to have happen to this couple from Maryland... having John Krasinski get the cast together, and officiate.  Something to tell the grand kids sometime, right?


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