The delays in shipping and shortages on products are still very prevalent even as COVID is finding some light at the end of the tunnel.

For months now, closer to a year, people have found their custom orders delayed.  Much of this was because of shipping.  People not able to work, places being shut down, or working with limited staff and having to put COVID protocols in place, plus not able to ship from other countries for a period of time, and more.  All of these things delayed us getting products that we were ordering.  And it was affecting everything.  We came to just sort of expect it.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Now, there is another wrinkle.  As we are starting to see some light from this pandemic, Mother Nature stepped in and threw a wrench into the whole system.  The freeze in the South made for an issue as well. Now, there is a shortage on foam.  This goes into custom furniture orders and bedding.  If you are redoing some of your home, many are because you were at home and thinking why not upgrade some things.  Just know that you will probably be waiting up to 6 months in some cases for your custom order.

Best advice is either know that you will have to wait, buy furniture that is in stock, and not a custom order, or buy used.  Another possibility is unclaimed freight stores. Usually in those cases you can take your items home that day, or within a few days.

With the issue in the Suez canal, no one really knows when other ships can get through there.  It's delaying shipping containers headed for the U.S. there too.  Looks like they may have made some progress, but delays will continue.

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