Do you like Spaghetti-Os?   I feel like it was something that we had as kids when no one wanted to cook, or we were just picky eaters.  Like kids who will only eat macaroni and cheese.  This time it's Spaghetti-Os.  And now, it's been made into a pie.  To me, this is so disgusting.

This Spaghetti-Os pie has all the same things that you would expect to be in a pie.  It has a crust, and then the Spaghetti-Os of course, along with cheese, garlic salt, milk and some bread.  I guess you could consider this a sort of "pot pie".   I think I would prefer the chicken variation of a pot pie, myself.

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This video was tweeted out and as of Saturday, had been viewed over 2 million times. Personally, I was questioning why people are watching this video so much.  I thought for sure it was because of the gross factor.  Who would actually want to eat this?  But apparently it may because of the strange way that the ingredients are mixed together.  There are a couple parts to the video too.

...the using of the hands and elbows to mash the buttered bread, the severe under-cheesing, the liberal sprinkling of garlic salt into an already salt-filled can of Spaghetti-Os, and the inexplicable addition of milk that for a brief moment made the "sauce" turn pink.

I can say right now with complete confidence that there is no way I will be trying this concoction.  But go ahead... you do you.  Let me know how it goes.

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