Everyone has probably had those nights... you know... "those" nights when you have indulged in some adult bevies a bit too much, and now you want some fast food.  Honestly, it's really about the only time that I do want fast food.  Usually it's a frozen pizza or something.  But I guess the arguement could be made that frozen pizza is technically fast food. Anyway, if I'm heading for some fast food one after one of "those" nights, I'm going for tacos.  MMMMM tacos.....

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There is a website that studied what the most "drunk" fast food was in each state.  The fast food you want on drunk nights.  Minnesota came in with McDonald's as the most popular drunk fast food.  As far as tacos go, the only state that went with Taco Bell as the most popular was Wyoming. What's up, Wyoming??  You are my kindred spirit, I guess.

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What lead to this finding?  Google trends on the biggest drinking days of the year.  This included New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, and the 4th of July- Independence Day. It isn't including those random drunk nights that could potentially happen on any given weekend.  So, I'm still going with tacos as the number one "drunk fast food".  That or maybe even ordering a pizza. I mean, C'mon! Who hasn't gone home after bar, ordered Domino's and then fallen asleep before the pizza guy got there only to be awakened by the really annoying door buzzer?   Not you?  Ok, we can't be friends.

But yeah, McDonald's- most popular "drunk fast food" in Minnesota.

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