A global pandemic and shutdowns have made some people late on mortgage payments, rent payments and some other bills.  If you were not an essential worker, you  had to rely on unemployment.  And with the extra money that was provided being great for some people, was not enough for some others.  It all depends on your situation.


 If you have had problems paying your rent or paying your mortgage payment along with some other monthly bills, help may be here for you.

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There's some criteria that you do need to meet before you will receive the benefits.  But generally if you need it, you probably qualify.

The bills that you have must have been after March 1, and also must be past due.  If you are just running into an issue now, you may have to wait a bit before you will be eligible for the relief benefits.

There are a lot of people who have applied since this past Wednesday, but many more may be in need...they just may not wanting to admit it.  It's better to apply if you need it instead of risking losing your home or being evicted.  There is a moratorium  on evictions that is set to expire on September 11th.

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