First- there will be no need for an ID to get a vaccination at this site, nor will you need any insurance, or any money.  It's free!

NHS England Starts Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign
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The announcement that the fairgrounds would be a mass federal vaccination site was made by the White House task force, then Governor Tim Walz, along with FEMA confirmed that announcement.  The vaccinations will begin on April 14th, which is next Wednesday.

According to KARE 11:

Beginning April 14, the site will administer a combination of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson doses, with the goal of vaccinating over 100,000 total people - 3,000 doses per day, seven days a a week, for eight weeks - at the State Fair site. 

Many people have said that they are hoping for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because it is a one and done vaccination.  The Pfizer and Moderna (only Pfizer at this site) are a 2 dose vaccine.  Meaning you will need to make an appointment to come back within a few weeks to receive your second dose.

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The difference in this site will be the focus on more of the underserved population in Minnesota.  Mostly in the zip codes that are closest to the MN Fairgrounds.  This group includes the CDC's Social Vulnerability Index.  There are some factors that play into this, like limited access to transportation, poverty, crowded housing, and people more likely to suffer from and limited ability to recover from financial loss and human suffering in a disaster situation like the pandemic.

This site will be by appointment only.  People can sign up using the state vaccination connector.  

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