First, we had to endure this year of  2020.  The year I say is the year of NOTHING!  Everything has been cancelled.  Everything.  The concerts and festivals that we look forward to every year all had to be cancelled, thanks to COVID-19.

Moondance Jam memories

Earlier, we heard that Moondance was trying to book most of the bands that they had ready to go for this year, and get them booked again for next year.  Yay!  Well, now they have had to make the tough decision to make next summer, the summer of 2021, the last year for Moondance.  This includes the original Moondance Jam that happens every July along with Moondance Jammin Country which is going on it's 15th year and happens in June.

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This is the end of an era.  There have been so many memories that have been made up in the little town of Walker, Minnesota.

Kathy Bieloh, the owner of Moondance, made this announcement on their website.

I want to thank all of you Jammers for your passion and love for Moondance as we continue to try to work our way through 2020 and start looking forward to celebrating in 2021! When we started this thing, I could have never dreamed of hitting these milestones and I am so excited our Moondance family gets to celebrate them together next summer. With that said, I have also had to make the extremely difficult decision that 2021 will be the final year for both festivals. The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously been a game changer for everyone in so many different ways and it has played a big part in the decision that it is time to take Moondance in a different direction. There are still a lot of details that need to be worked out before I can announce any specifics on the future of Moondance. All I can tell you at this time is that there will be a future for Moondance. It will just be different.

Early bird tickets are still on sale right now.  Prices will be going up soon. I suggest you book yours now!  Moondance is something that you never forget.  If you have never been to the festival, I suggest you make every effort to be there this year.  If you have been there before, you know why you need to go this coming year.

Cheers!  A toast to Moondance Jam!

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