This is one of those subjects that I think changes depending on the time and the year.  Like something will be the "thing" for awhile, then it will change.  I think that a few years ago it was Miller Lite.  Then it was Bud Light and/or Budweiser.  And now, the most popular beer in Minnesota is Coors Light.  This is not at all a surprise.


Although, if you look at the map as a whole, you will see that Budweiser is still the King of Beers.

Unsurprisingly, the top beer at 18.4 percent was Budweiser. Often referred to as the ‘King of Beer,’ the medium-bodied crisp lager earned its place as the favorite in several states, from Texas to Kentucky, but no one was quite as passionate about the Bud’ as the residents of Alaska (100 percent voted for Budweiser). Maybe it’s the cooler climate or the late-night summer sunsets, but there’s something about that blend of hops that keeps Alaskans coming back for more.

And while, Bud may actually be the most popular overall, Coors Light is no slouch.


Not quite Budweiser level of fame, but still holding pretty solid ground. Clean and crisp, this beer was a top pick from Arizona to New Jersey, however, it didn’t get top billing in its home state. Colorado locals had another brew in mind…

What type of beer do you like?
With the fascination of craft beers lately, I'm kind of surprised that NONE of those showed up in the survey.  Maybe soon?