Salad??!!  Really?  Salad?  Well, that and brownies.  What the heck?  That's what we in Minnesota apparently have as the most popular Thanksgiving menu item.  And the sweet menu item is brownies.


How many Thanksgivings have you been to here in Minnesota that have salad and brownies as their staple menu item?  Most of the time I see it as Turkey and mashed potatoes.  And usually a plethora of desserts.  Not necessarily just brownies.  Usually a collection of pies and other assorted things.  And yes, salads are among the choices, but definitely not the first one.

It seems like people in the midwest really enjoy their casseroles based on their Google searching habits (and who can blame them – any type of casserole is delicious). Green bean casserole and corn casserole were the most popular Thanksgiving recipes in the midwest. 

And with this little tid-bit I'm going with the unpopular opinion.. I can't stand green bean casserole.  It looks like something you threw up after eating green beans and some other stuff.  I can't get past the visual.  But I know.... unpopular opinion.  I am in the minority.

You can check out what every state finds to be the best menu item for Thanksgiving right here.  And yes, break out the stretchy pants... Thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away!