Taking a vacation can be tricky during the Coronavirus.  Most people have been taking road trips and staying within Minnesota state lines, or just going a state or so over from here.  But we decided to take a vacation outside of Minnesota.  By plane, no less.  We have had this trip planned for over a year. This we all before any talk of the pandemic and any restrictions.  We thought of cancelling, but ultimately decided to proceed as planned.

PHOTO: Kurt Kremers
PHOTO: Kurt Kremers

Here is what you can expect if you decide to do what we did, and travel by plane flying out of Minneapolis International Airport.  When you book your flight, you will receive several emails explaining all of the safety precautions Delta is doing.  You will also be asked to check in (this is normal) but mostly they recommend you get the QR code and then there is no boarding pass.  It is all done digitally. Also a mask will be worn the entire time. You will be asked to lower it in order to verify your identification with your drivers license.  The only time you  can have your mask removed is when you  are actively eating or drinking.  Delta Airlines will also give everyone a sanitizing wipe upon entry on the aircraft.  You can wipe down your seat and tray table.

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Some said that  there would be no food give out on the aircraft.  That isn't the case.  You will  be offered a little snack pack.  It is enclosed in a ziplock, and given out by the flight attendants who are also wearing a mask and gloves.  In the ziplock is a bottle of water, a snack bar and some Cheez-Its.  So, not a huge deal, but at least they give you something. You are welcome to bring your own food on your trip if you'd like.

The spacing on the plane is spread out as well.  Not only that, but you need to remain seated when you deplane until the people in front of you are at least 6 feet ahead of you before you can stand up and get your luggage out of the over head compartments.  I really did feel as though they were taking every precaution necessary to keep everyone safe.

So,  if you are at all concerned about flying...  fly Delta.  I really did feel safe.  Not sure how that would be on other airlines.

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