This law is so needed in Minnesota.  And other areas as well, but WOW do we ever need that here.  This law would be pertaining to mostly the open road... like i-94 and such.  If you are driving in the metro, you sort of need to use all the lanes just to get through traffic.  Same with roads like Division here in St. Cloud.  But if you are driving out on any 4 lane outside of a city, you need to use the right lane if you are just going the speed limit or slower.  It's called the "passing" lane for a reason.  Don't just hang out there because you think it's your "right" or "I'm going the speed limit".  That is not ok.

Traffic jam with rows of cars

The left lane will back up traffic like nobody's business.  And many times is the cause of road rage and accidents.  Someone...can a say some jack-hole is going slower than they should be with a line up of cars behind them.  Just a question... do these people ever look in their rear-view??  And if they do... are they really that entitled?


 I hope this thing passes.

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