Even though our beloved Vikings didn't even make the post season this year, odds makers have done a sort of list to determine the odds of every team in the NFL and what their chances are of making the Super Bowl next year.  The odds for the Vikings are not nearly as bad as I had imagined. AND on top of that, they are better than that of the Packers.  So, there is that.

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Of course, the top 4 rankings are the 4 teams from the last two games.  Duh.  That's not surprising like AT ALL.  But, of course that doesn't really mean much.  It' just something fun to look at and see if any or how much of this will come true next season.

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Fran Tarkenton, who's home town is Atlanta, was so hopeful that his former team would be there for this year's Super Bowl.  We know how that turned out. But he said that he does have faith in Cousins.  This was a year for everyone to get used to each other, and he thinks next year will be more telling with the QB relationship.  We'll see...

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