I was born in St. Paul, MN.  And I remember listening to my parents talk about all of the great things about St. Paul.  My mom was originally from there, and it was always the place that we would go for holidays, seeing family, shopping and also great restaurants.  One of the favorites on the list was always Cecil's Deli in St. Paul.

Cecil's Facebook.com
Cecil's Facebook.com

This deli is the oldest one and the last one like this in Minnesota.  And over the years, even though they have updated a few things, it has kept that old - school charm.  I remember going in there as a kid and being so small and looking up at the counter and seeing whatever my parents had purchased being handed over that counter.  Now, looking at it, it seems so much smaller.

I wish I liked Reuben Sandwiches.  It's the corned beef, (good), swiss cheese, (good), Rye Bread (good) and then you lose me with the sauerkraut.  But that is a very necessary ingredient for a Reuben.  And Cecil's, from what I understand, has the best.  The sandwich that basically put them on the map.  They also have other things that regular delis will have like a variety of meats and cheeses.  I love the fact that it's a deli where you can still go in, order a lunch and eat it there in their small little diner type atmosphere.  I hope it does well and remains there for generations to come.  Right now they are just doing curbside pick up  because of the COVID protocols, but hopefully that will change soon.  If you find yourself in East St. Paul and would like to try a real deli sandwich, or some of their other delicious offerings... check out Cecils.

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