This is a story about an actual jailbird. Well kind of. Brazil police took a parrot into custody after the bird tipped off some drug dealers that a raid was about to go down.

Police showed up outside a suspected drug house to con duct a raid. As the police got closer to the house the parrot started screaming in Portuguese "Mum, the police".

Police are guessing the parrot must have been trained to shout warnings in case of a police raid. Police claim as soon as they got close, the parrot stated screaming and the closer they got the louder he got.


Despite the warnings from the parrot, police arrested a man and a teenage girl. Police actually brought the bird back to the police station but it remained tight lipped. They speculated that the parrot had also been taught not to snitch.

Authorities eventually turned the loyal bird over to the local zoo where he can live a crime free life, hopefully.

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