Each of our 50 states has something that we think of that state.  Like Florida used to be sunshine, but now I think most people think about the weird crap that happens that we hear about in the news all the time.


Alaska- I think about total darkness and total sun, depending on the time of year, bears and cold, no where to go for months, islands.

Well, we all know what people think about Minnesota.  It's always cold here, and we never get any sun unless it's frigidly cold.  And no summer, except for a month when there are a ton of mosquitoes.  Well, let's be honest, sometimes that doesn't feel that far off.  KIDDING!!

Anyway, someone...with a lot of time on their hands... put together a little article with photos showing what people basically think about each state.  And well, you can really see why...


Enjoy.  The Minnesota one is pretty hilarious.

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