So it's the 25th anniversary for Pizza Hut's original stuffed crust pizza.  And to celebrate that event, they have decided to sell a stuffed crust.... crust.  What's that mean? Well, it's basically the crust of the stuffed crust pizza alone.  Like with no pizza in the middle.  It's just a ring of cheese and crust.  The Pizza Hut ring of cheese.



This, to me seems a bit stupid.  Because why wouldn't you just get bread sticks that are stuffed with cheese?  Isn't that the same thing?  I suppose it is, but it doesn't have the novelty that the "ring of cheese" has.

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But  here is the deal... Pizza Hut is doing this little gimmick thing, but they are only rolling it out in LA and Dallas.  C'mon!   People in LA don't eat bread!  Who are they kidding?  People in the Midwest, like right here in St. Cloud, Minnesota eat bread, and we would probably order the crap out of that ring of cheese!

If this gimmick is successful, the rest of the Pizza Huts around the country may add it at a later date.  But, until that time comes, Pizza Hut says that they are not leaving the rest of the country out.  They do have a deal on their original stuffed crust pizza.

Pizza Hut isn't skimping out for fans across the U.S., though — fans can grab a large stuffed-crust pizza with up to three toppings for $11.99 for a limited time to celebrate the cheesiness.

So, until the time comes for us to get just the "ring of cheese" we're going to have to just get by with a regular pizza.  Sigh...

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