The pizza place is called QC Pizza and it's super weird.  At least some of their topping are, anyway.

Chicago Style Deep Dish Cheese Pizza
Getty Images/iStockphoto

But here is the thing.  If you look at their menu, it doesn't look all that out of the ordinary.  They do have things like sauerkraut, like a Reuben pizza, but other than that, it doesn't seem that crazy.  Head on over to their instagram page and you will find everything from dill pickles, biscuits with asparagus and gummy bears as pizza toppings.  I can't see a big following for that last one. Yikes!  And I like gummy bears.  But on a pizza?  No thank you.  They should be eaten separately.


I might want to try the dill pickle pizza.  And the biscuits and gravy with asparagus, I could get behind that one too.  But I think the biscuits should maybe be broken up a bit.


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