Well, this is disturbing.  We all know, the world knows that George Floyd died on 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis.  We all know what events have happened after that incident as well. But what if you live near there and you actually need some police assistance? It seems that police are reluctant to answer any calls in that area of Minneapolis.

According to CBS news, there was a 911 call for help because of domestic assault.  She was cut, and bleeding, but was asked to move to another location in order to receive police assistance.  This seems completely wrong.  But since last year, Memorial Day Weekend, that area has been a place of mourning and also considered a "no go" location for any police officers.

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There was scanner audio that was provided to CBS with a message that apparently has been very common.

“Is it possible to have her move at least a block away maybe 38th and 10th. Copy she is bleeding and cut everywhere but we’ll call her back and ask her to move a block away,” the audio scanner says.

So, if you live in the area, and you know that this is the case, and you are a potential criminal, this seems like the place to be.  If you are just a resident in the area, how much are you wanting to move?  And with housing now going up in price so much this is probably not feasible to many residents.

"George Floyd Square" has remained closed to any through traffice since last May, and it's unclear when it will be able to be reopened.  The city is anxious to reopen the intersection, but some mourners/protesters/residents are not allowing it to happen.

It does seem that this situation could be making things even worse in many ways.

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