During the Emmy award show there was an ad shown for Capital One credit card.  The music that was used is what people had an issue with... at least Prince fans did.  The song used was "Let's Go Crazy".  Any Prince fan knows that he would never have allowed his music to be used commercially like that.  People on social media, mostly Twitter got very upset about this, and pretty much let everyone and anyone know how they felt.

Here's the thing- someone had to sign off on this.  Like someone in charge of his estate and his music.  That means, in this case, his family.  Since he had no will, Prince's family became the sole beneficiaries.  Whether you agree with it or not, they do have the right to decide what will happen with his music, and how it will be used.  Being the Prince fan that I am, I tend to agree that he never would have wanted his music used like this, but whatcha gonna do?

It's just unfortunate... but it certainly is a catchy little tune, isn't it?

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