As expected, actually.  But if you are a Prince fan, and especially one from Minnesota, how much would you spend on some actual Prince owned and sometimes worn items?  If you are an ULTIMATE Prince fan, and you have some expendable cash, there is probably no limit.

Getty Images, Jonathan Daniel

Unfortunately for us... well, me for sure... I would love to have something that belonged to Prince, but I do not have the cash to go to any sort of auction and buy it.  But we can admire from afar.

KMazur, Getty Images

Julien's Auctions sold off a bunch of Prince items for well above what they thought they would sell for.  They were obviously underestimating the power of Prince, right?  There were 158 items in total, a couple of the items intended to be auctioned off were pulled at the last minute.  Second thoughts?  The total income this auction collected was not mentioned, but from the items that were mentioned.. and that was only like about 6 and that brought in around $500,000.  And just think... there were about 153 more items! Ohh la la!!  I'm jealous.