Bummer dude!  Looks like those delicious Cheddar Bay Biscuits are not going to be unlimited anymore at Red Lobster.  You know how they would bring a basket of those yummy biscuits to the table shortly after you were seated?  No longer!  You will now get just two of those little guys per entree.  


Let's be honest... two is really enough.  BUT- it was so nice to have more of them if you would like to have them.  Hmmm ... maybe you can get more at a small charge.  I think, depending on what I order, that might be a great option.

Full disclosure, I am also not a seafood fan.  But pretty much everyone I hang out with and the rest of my family are... but Red Lobster has some very delicious non sea food options.  I'm guessing that's a little known fact because that isn't what they are known for.  They are a seafood restaurant.

Regardless- Cheddar Bay Biscuits are worth the time at a seafood restaurant, even when you don't like seafood.

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