This statue- and the "HO HO HO Green Giant" from the commercials I remember from my childhood will last forever.  Eat your green beans (meh) and your broccoli (little trees)!  That's about the only way I would eat broccoli then... pretend that I was the jolly green giant and they were little green trees that I could eat.  Much better with cheese, by the way.

Broccoli Baby

But if you are going a bit stir-crazy with the quarantine and need to get out and do something, this might be the thing for your family.  Take a trip to Blue Earth, Minnesota and check out the Jolly Green Giant statue.  It's HUGE! And it is located about 70 miles or so from the Green Giant company which is located in LeSueur.

I feel like this is Southern Minnesota's answer to Northern Minnesota's Paul Bunyan statue.

There are a few other things that are fun in that area too.. .if you want to take the family on a road-trip staycation type of thing.  There is a weird museum that is like a general store called Ed's Museum.  "Ed" died in 1989.  He collected so many things throughout his life, and never really got rid of any of it.  There are some really cool things in there. Does kind of make you go "hmmm" however.  You can see that "attraction" in Wykoff.  I hadn't hear of it until I found this little gem.

Anyway, take a little trip to Southern Minnesota.  It's time to explore our state.  I've lived here most of my life and there are still things that I have never heard of or seen in this great state.


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