We all know the situation where you are "doing your business" and you look over and much to your dismay, there is no toilet paper, or it's very near the end and what's left isn't enough.  So, what do you do?  You either look in the cabinet next to you to see if there is another roll, or in a public bathroom, you ask the person next to you if there is any that they can send you under the stall wall.

This RollBot is a robot that brings toilet paper to you on command.  At first glance you think "Hey, that's a pretty great idea".  That is, until you realize that A) you would need to have this thing already set up B) you would HAVE to have your smartphone with you and C) the cost is probably astronomical.  Like not worth it.  How often does this actually happen?  When you are at home... just have it int he cabinet at the ready. And on the occasion that you are in a public bathroom and stuck there with nothing to wipe with... like this thing is going to be available.  Let's be honest.  If it is available, how long will that be?  And again... who is "reloading" the RollBot?

My assessment- this is stupid.  Another thing for people who have WAY too much money and have no idea what to do with it. I'm all for new and more convenient technology, but this thing is a miss.

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