This is one of several stories about senseless vandalism I've happen to run across in the last few weeks. Why anyone gets their kicks from destroying other people's property totally escapes me.

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This happened the other night in North St Cloud. Someone's brand new car had it's windows totally smashed and whoever did this act of vandalism did a pretty extensive job on the windows of this recently purchased new car.


The woman that posted this on Facebook seems to be under the impression that this was not a targeted attack and maybe she's right. But to me, this looks like it was done by someone that was extremely angry.

It just doesn't look like your classic "smash and dash" type vandalism.  Like the woman said "This was pure anger" and it certainly appears that way.

It really sucks that these people most likely worked hard to treat themselves to a brand new car. They hadn't even made the first payment yet. I'm guessing that the excitement of having a new car has been extinguished by whoever did this.

It's not just that someone took it upon themselves to destroy someone else's property. Things can be fixed or replaced but not without the hassle of repairs, insurance claims and all the other tasks that will come with fixing their car.

So, what do you think was the motivation behind this act of vandalism?  Could be jealousy. Could be a mistake, with the vandal or vandals mistaking this car for someone else's. Or there is someone that is angry with these people that they are not aware of.

Whatever it is, I hope they get to the bottom of it and get their car fixed like brand new. I also hope they catch whoever did this. Whatever the motivation, this was just senseless.

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