A man and his girlfriend were shopping at a clothing store.  He had picked up several items and put them down... or even dropped them.  When they did go up to the counter to pay for them, the female that was working asked about the "bulge" in his pants.  He explained that it was just "him".  Like his manhood.  She didn't believe him and wanted proof.  He actually dropped his pants in the store in front of everyone.  Just down to his boxers...nothing X rated.  But that wasn't good enough for the person working in the store.  This guy actually had to go back into a cubicle with a male store worker and prove that it was all him under those boxer shorts.  Turns out it was!  10 inches of "him".  Good grief!  (you can check out some pics here).

Getty Images, Justin Sullivan

Well, this was quite awkward, as you can imagine.  This guy's girlfriend said that she couldn't believe what they put her boyfriend through.  It was humiliating.  The store mgr says that they had every right to have this guy prove that he hadn't shop lifted anything.  And it was justified by how he was acting in the store.  But here is the deal... you generally cannot accuse someone of shoplifting until they have actually left the store.  Nothing has been stolen until they have left the premises.  Otherwise they could always say they were planning to pay.

I see some sort of a lawsuit pending.  If this had been a reverse gender, like if this had happened to a woman, there would have been way more of a hullaballoo.  Just my opinion on that, however.