I know they are tribute bands, but you would think you are seeing the real deal.  First, this Friday there is Spindrift.  This band consists of a group of people that try and recreate the Rush music/concert experience.  There is a ton of music.  They play both old and new music, and try to be as authentic as possible.  Certainly worth the time to go!

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Spindrift plays at the Pioneer Place this Friday night and you can get tickets here.  

Also, this Saturday Transit Authority is performing their tribute to the music of Chicago.  They are also excellent.  This band has been together since 2004 and based out of St. Paul.  They pride themselves on being very accurate in portraying the music of Chicago, considered one of the best horn driven bands.  You will hear some of Chicago's mega hits such as "Hard Habit to Break", "Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is", "Beginnings" and many more.

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