HOLY CRAP!!!  This is something that if it happened to me I might not ever get over it.  You know how some people see spiders that they think they need to burn down their house or somethng?  (not really, I realize that) I feel that way about snakes.

I saw this story and I'm tellin' ya- I can't even watch the video.  It makes me get all "heebie",  Like DISGUST!!!  You know how you feel like if you find a tick or something crawling on you, and then you feel all creepy crawling for a while afterwards?  That is what I feel like when I see a snake.  It is the WORST thing!!  I have no idea how people keep these things as pets.  YUCK!!

via youtube.com Diane Dupre
via youtube.com
Diane Dupre

A lady was shopping at Target, which is based in Minnesota but this Target happened to be in North Carolina.  The snake wasn't a poisonous one... like that matters.  I guess it does in the big picture, but I'd just be freaked out at the presence of any snake poisonous or not!

The woman apparently thought it was a fake snake (they are sold in the toy dept at Target) so she took out her phone to take a picture.  Then the snake stuck it's tongue out, then she knew it was a real snake!  Even if I saw this thing and thought it was fake the last thing I would do is film the thing! I would high tail it out of there so fast!  I'd probably have PTSD about it.  I'm serious.  And I say that knowing how much of an issue people have with PTSD, I do not use that term lightly.  That's how much I dislike, or even have a fear of snakes.  BLECH!!

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I can't even watch this video... I'm serious.  But you can go ahead....

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