I was reminded of this story when I saw that the Tom Bearson Basketball Courts in Sartell were opened last September. Bearson was a standout basketball player at Sartell High School and it's a fitting memorial.

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To refresh your memory, in 2014 Tom Bearson was attending a party in Fargo where he was a freshman at North Dakota State University. He left the party and his body was  discovered 3 days later at an RV sales lot in Moorhead.

A friend of Tom's, Jackson Miller who was a high school classmate of Bearson's, was recently on a Fargo radio show, Bonnie & Friends. Miller said  "Yeah it's kind of unreal that it has been 8 years I guess. Time flies you know. You kind of wonder where he would be right now. So it's a tough day,"

Bearson's body was found in a Moorhead RV lot 3 days after he disappeared and authorities attributed his death to "homicidal violence".  There were few clues to go on and it seems that some people who were at that party the night he disappeared might know who's responsible but don't want to talk.

"That is the most frustrating part, I mean. All those people that were there, it seems like nobody wants to cooperate. You know, like everybody is so silent. Oh, I have to talk to my lawyer. It's like, well if you have to talk to your lawyer, like clearly you know something," said Miller.

It seems that in this day and age of forensic science, that law enforcement would have caught Bearson's killer by now. We can only hope someone comes forward with some information and get this case solved. I'm sure it would give at least some closure to family and friends of Tom's.

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