Evidently, when people get high on weed or whatever else, sometimes they make bad choices. What?  Really?  I suppose that could be said for alcohol also.

I know someone that I recommended having a breathalyzer put on their computer to keep them from going on social media when intoxicated.

I feel very fortunate that when I was in my wilder days, that everyone wasn't carrying around a camera and there was no social media. I can't even imagine all the questionable stuff I'd have to explain.


According to one of those new surveys, almost 33% of people that posed for pictures while high, regretted it. Over 30% regretted calling or texting someone while in a blissful state and 21% regretted posting on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site while high.

I'm sure some of you can relate to being grateful that cell phones weren't around during your party days. Have you ever done something while high that you later regretted?

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