Again with the 2020 stuff going on.  I find myself Googling restaurants that are highly rated in the St. Cloud area when trying to figure out what  take out or in person dining.  I have my favorites in the area, obviously, like everyone does. But I was curious to see what St. Cloud area restaurants are rated 4 stars and above according to a simple Google search.

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This is what I found...

  • Val's Hamburgers.  They are considered the number one burger place in St. Cloud with 5 stars.
  • White Horse Restaurant and Bar (downtown St. Cloud) with 4 and a half stars
  • Hajime St Cloud.  Also with 4.5 stars.  I haven't tried this place yet, but I'd like to.  I've heard great things about it, and now I see it is highly rated.
  • Mongo's Grill.  This place is so good, and one of my faves.  I haven't been to Mongo's since the pandemic.  But I am craving it.  They do have a take-out option.
  • Texas Roadhouse.  4.5 stars.  They have generous portions for a very reasonable price and really... who can resist those buns??
  • LaCasita.  One of the several Mexican restaurants we have in the St. Cloud area.  They all seem to be pretty good too. Just depends on what you'd like and the atmosphere.
  • Mexican Village.  This one is located downtown.  Been a staple in the downtown area for as long as I can remember.
  • Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews.  Always a good choice.  And besides the burgers, you have to try their variety of shakes.  SO good!
  • Toppers Pizza.  You have to try the Toppers Stix.
  • Fuji Sushi and Steakhouse. I still have yet to try this place.  It's on my list, however!
  • Granite City Food and Brewery.  This one has always been one of my favorites.  LOVE the brunch on Sundays.  Those potatoes.... mmmmm
  • Jimmy's Pourhouse in Sauk Rapids.  Always been a staple.  And a great place to catch a game.
  • Rollie's in Sauk Rapids.  I keep hearing about the wings.  Apparently I need to try those.
  • Krewe Restaurant in St. Joe.  I did try this place on their opening day.  If you like creole type food, you will LOVE this place!

Honorable mention... they didn't come up on a Google search.  But these are some of my personal favorites: House of Pizza, which now has 3 locations in the St. Cloud area including Sartell.  Bello Cucina  in St. Joe.  Love the outdoor patio-   feels like the "secret garden" and also Brick n Bourbon.  They  were also voted best new restaurant. I Haven't tried everything on their menu yet, but everything I have tried has been  spectacular.

Where are you eating tonight?

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