If you've been missing the ability to eat in food courts because of the pandemic, looks like Costco is making a change.

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When the pandemic began, there were all sorts of things that went into place that we would like to have back.  Product limits after hoarding began, and also the abillity to eat in a food court- or at a grocery store that also has a public eating area.  Those have been closed, for the most part, for about a year.

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This past weekend Costco announced that this will be soon ending at their stores. This included the St. Cloud store.  And, on top of that, it looks like they will be adding back some discontinued items that were fairly popular.  

The seating may be added outdoors in the near future, which is new.  And they may be bringing back indoor seating soon. And of course, we, as Minnesotans, love to sit outside and eat as much as possible. Mostly because we only get a limited amount of decent weather, so we like to soak it up when we can.

Items being brought back are Ice Cream and Smoothies- no word on a price point change on these, however.  Churros are coming back.  Things that are going to stay the same, however are keeping the condiments, straws and cutlery behind the counter.  So you will still need to ask for those. But a touchless soda dispenser will be added. Kind of like the touchless faucet in the bathrooms.  And if you head to Canada- when we are able to again, Costco will be adding a chicken sandwich.  Not sure why that is only in Canada, but if it's successful there, probably will be added here.

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