Remember when it was a big deal and McDonald's had the all day breakfast? I loved this because honestly, McDonald's breakfast is really the only thing I will get on a regular basis if I get McDonald's food. That, along with their delicious salads.  But, during this pandemic, the all day breakfast went away.  Well, it's still not back, but there are a few new items on the menu for breakfast.

McDonald’s new nationwide McCafé® bakery lineup.
McDonald’s new nationwide McCafé® bakery lineup.

Now, you can get some delicious bakery items at McDonald's to go along with the McCafe coffees.  And those also were stepped up a few years ago.  I'm not a person who loves least  not black coffee.  SOME people say that what I drink isn't even coffee. Well, it  has coffee in it, so it IS still coffee, right?  I will admit that it's sort of a dessert coffee, but it's still coffee. I like to think that the additions that are added to that "black swill" make it drinkable.  It's now good coffee as opposed to that other undrinkable stuff.  And a few years ago, McDonald's started making the frappes and also the flavored options.  I was all like "HAPPY DAY"!

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Now, they are adding some yummy bakery items.  Now, instead of the regular breakfast items (I'm still upset with the dropping of the egg white delight) but I'll get over it...someday.  Or make a plea that they please bring that thing back. But now the bakery items that they have added include an apple fritter, a blueberry muffin  and a cinnamon roll.  They all look super good!

But seriously... bring back the Egg White Delight... thank you!!  Who's with me?

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