The St. Paul Winter Carnival has been around for 1886.  This year will be it's 135th carnival.  And we are still dealing with some COVID protocols.  But, the carnival  will go on along with some changes to take into consideration everyone's safety and health.

Lucille Black / YouTube
Lucille Black / YouTube

Most of the events are free and will be going on from January 28th through February 1st.  The events include a signature beverage.  It's something between a rootbeer and a cream soda.  But not the same as either.  It's Birch Beer, and will be available to pick up curbside.  

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There will be the drive-thru sculpture garden.  You pay one fee for the carload of people.  Tickets can be purchased online, and will take place at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.  People going through the experience will also be given a swag bag full of goodies.  You can download the Carnival App and participate in some fun games and possibly win some prizes.

There are some ways that the Winter Carnival will be supporting local businesses as well.  They do have a "craft pass" that will get you some crafted beers at local breweries, coffee shops and some restaurants located around the Twin Cities metro area.  There will also be an ice fishing contest, and a softball tournament (that should be interesting).

All the information is available on their website.  Many, and actually most, events are free.  Check out all the events here.   Have some fun in the winter like we, as Minnesotans know we can do.

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