Here in the frozen tundra, we look forward to anything that we can do during the Summer.  On the downside- sometimes it tough to find a weekend that is busy/activity free.  But the upside is that there is a ton of stuff that happens between May and September.

Central Park Hosts New York Philharmonic Performance
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The latest festival lineup to be announced is the lineup for the Basilica Block Party.  This event happens July 12th and 13th.  Tickets go on sale this Friday, the 15th.  The variety of bands is great, and has something for everyone on 3 different stages.  Plus there are random bands playing all over the area. This is one of the more fun events that happen over the Summer.



It's hard to sometimes pick and choose which events you will attend, but at least there is no lack of things to do.

Who's ready for a new season?  Pick me!  Pick me!


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