Finally!  Summer is here and it's hot and it's humid (I don't like the humidity part- but I'll deal) and we can finally enjoy some nicer weather outside without freezing out butts off.  Yes, I would like it not quite so humid, but whateves.


This brings me to the fact that bars around the St. Cloud area are trying to up their patio game.


Last night (Thursday) we had our first "Party on the Patio" with Leinies.  We were out at the Ultimate Sports Bar in Waite Park.  What a great patio!!  They have expanded it to include a better area for a band, they have more seating, and they have a couple of fun games to play while you are enjoying an adult beverage or two and just hanging out.


When I asked owner, Tom Frericks about why he extended the patio he said he wanted to have a great Summer theme outside.  In this part of the country no one wants to be inside when we only get about 4 or so months to even enjoy the outside.  So he wanted to bring in a better area for a band, and still have all the patio space plus some.  Makes sense to me!


So the next time you want to try out a patio- head to the Ultimate!  And listen for where we are going to have our next Party on the Patio with Leinies!  The next one will be on the 11th of July.  We will let you know exactly where, and you can take advantage of another patio with great Leinies specials on pints, taps and pitchers, as well as win some great prizes like a Leinies fire pit or adirondack chair!  You could also score some sweet Leinies or Loon swag.


See ya there!

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