The pandemic is still going on... people are getting a little stir-crazy, kids are either at home- distance learning or some sort of hybrid of at home and in person.  But still, if your family is in need of some education and fun at the same time, plan a trip to Itasca state park.

Richard Lee@brock222
Richard Lee@brock222

This event is happening on October 30th.  It's a Friday and the day before Halloween which is looking super weird this year, along with everything else.  But the good thing about this, is that you  can  be outside and exploring Itasca State Park, they have a lot of trails and some other outdoorsy things to do for the whole family, plus this cool owl event.  It's called Science Friday: Owl Detectives.

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Owls are mostly nocturnal animals, so kids don't really get to see too many of these cool birds. But this event will allow that to happen.

Sounds like a great time to get out of the house and do something fun, while still being safe with the COVID protocols.

You do need to register for this event ahead of time.  They would like registrations before Thursday, the 29th, but it would be best to do this earlier than later.  With everyone wanting to be outside and do some things it might be a good idea to plan ahead of time.  Little road trip to Northern Minnesota might be the best thing right now.

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