I might be dating myself on this one but it seems some terms that were used years ago, just kind of dropped out of most people's vocabularies..


Of course, there are the old ones like "groovy" or "far out". If fact, you don't even hear "hippie" much anymore. Remember when an ounce of pot used to be called a "lid"? (I've heard)

I remember when some one wanted to leave somewhere, they'd say "let's book".  Or when money was referred to as "bread" or "dough".  Houses and apartments were referred to as "pads". Cars were "wheels". Something boring or unpleasant was "a drag".

Food was "grub" and of course we all listened to music on "albums" or "8 tracks".  Trouble makers were "hoods" and the police were the "fuzz". Cigarettes were "heaters" or "butts".

I'm sure there are many more I've "spaced out".

What are some more words or terms you just don't hear anymore or very seldom?




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