As heard on the December 19th show:


1. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Rates Are Down. Hooray!

Give yourself a pat on the back for this one.  The Center for Disease Control just released their annual "STD Surveillance" report and it shows a decline in the rates for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea for the first time in 30 years.  Before you start throwing caution to the wind, just know syphilis cases increased.  Ewww.






2. States Are Suing Colorado Over Legal Weed

Nebraska and Oklahoma announced a total buzz kill, they're suing Colorado in an attempt to reverse marijuana legalization.  In fact, they're taking it all the way to the top asking the Supreme Court to declare Colorado's legalization of weed unconstitutional.  What a bunch of toads.






3.  Anxiety Equals Intelligent

Do you worry over every little thing?  Your anxiety could be a sign of intelligence, so worry on.  Experts believe verbally intelligent people spend more time replaying past events mentally and analyzing possible future events which can "lead to more intense rumination and worry."






 4. Tipping With Gift Cards

Tis the season of gift cards, so it's a good time to talk tipping.  When you go out to eat and use a gift card to cover a portion of your bill, don't forget, it's proper etiquette to tip based on the full amount of the bill before the discount.  Especially considering it's the holidays you ungrateful bastard.  Kidding :)




5. What Each State Is Worst At

Each U.S. state has things that make them great… and things that make them not … so… great.   Yahoo compiled a map showing the key area where each state is most deficient.  Listen for some of the biggest fails.